Why use Sherlock?

A good test is a automated test, but it's not always possible to automate everything.

Every project have a suite of regression tests. Some projects have outside hardware depencies and some have tests that are so abstract that is really tricky to automate.

For those cases, until today, you had to pay expensive tools per user and month or use outdated tools that are heavy and hard to use and extend.

Sherlock is an option for those scenarios, as it's an open source and a free tool that you can use and extend as you need.

Sherlock is free and will always be free!


It's Simple

Create a project, define your cases and start your cycle. As simple as that.

Track Progress

On the project dashboard, you can check out each cycle and its progress.

Top Technology

Sherlock use last and top Technology. Vuejs, Flask, MariaDB and Docker

It's Free

Sherlock was created for the community. It's free and will always be free.

Sherlock is a part of AgileTesters community and mainly maintained by its founder, Leonardo Galani .

Checkout The Live Demo!

You can try SherlockQA out before doing your own setup.